About Me

I love food.  Period.  I love everything about food- I love cooking it, sharing it, shopping for it, smelling it, and of course eating it.  There’s really only a few things that I’ve found over the years that I don’t really care for (and therefore I’ll probably never post about them unless out of pure disgust) such as hotdogs and beets.  I’m willing to try anything once and love exploring the cuisines of different cultures.

A few other things you should know about me as you read my blog…

  • I find food therapeutic, hence the name of the blog.  While some folks find cooking burdensome, I on the other hand look forward to cooking dinner every night and often let it consume my thoughts during the day.  I find cooking relaxing and enjoying my creations extremely rewarding.
  • Serving is my love language and nothing makes me happier than to serve others with food- good food.
  • I am a cookbook junky.  I really only go to bookstores to look at cookbooks and usually end up coming home with a new one every time (its a serious problem!).  Most of the recipes I’ll share will probably be based on recipes from said cookbooks as I often use recipes as guidelines and kind of do my own thing from there.  I get this from my Mother, who is an amazing cook by the way.
  • I try to eat healthy.  Its tough because a lot of foods that I love just really love to stick with me, so preparing healthy meals is a must so that I can stay healthy.  I’ll probably be sharing some adventures of trying to cook light as well (which is sometimes a challenge with a husband that hates “diet food”).
  • My husband and I also enjoy and collect wine.  I’ll probably be sharing our adventures in tasting from time to time.

I really hope that you enjoy my adventures in exploring food as much as I enjoy sharing them!

On a non-food related note…

I live with my amazing husband in rural Ohio and am LOVING the married life.  We met while in college at Ohio University and have been best friends ever since.  Although you most likely won’t see him post on here, he and I LOVE to cook together and enjoying food is usually what we’re doing on the weekends.

Unfortunately since eating isn’t a paid job, I’m a software analyst for a food company by day and my hubby is a pilot.  We stay pretty busy traveling, enjoying the outdoors, cooking, and checking out new restaurants.

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One thought on “About Me

  1. Shelly Brenner

    YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! You did it! So excited to go on this adventure with you! Will look forward to your posts and recipe recommendations……keep ’em comin’!
    Hugs to YOU!
    Shelly Brenner

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