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Restaurant Review: Boudin Bistro, Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a total carboholic, so it should come as no surprise that I deemed it a necessity to seek out the famous San Francisco sour dough bread.  And boy am I glad I did!  Upon entering the bakery/museum/café/bistro/gift shop at Fisherman’s Wharf, I was immediately hit with the smell of delicious fresh bread.  Heaven.  There was fresh bread everywhere: on shelves, in displays, in baskets moving along a conveyor belt, on people’s plates.  We decided this would be a good place to check out for dinner, you know, since the bread smell pretty much made it impossible to leave.

For dinner, we chose the Bistro over the Café which served a more dinner-like menu while the café mostly offered up soups, salads, and sandwiches.  The Bistro was on the second floor of the building and offered up a beautiful view of the bay and Alcatraz.  The restaurant aesthetics were decent- high ceilings, exposed iron beams, wood fixtures.  The service was okay, kind of slow (it took forever for our basket of sour dough goodness to be delivered to our table after we were seated- it came out only minutes before our appetizer did).

For an appetizer, I selected the baked goat cheese which consisted of garlic-roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, and basil pesto that was layer in a personal baking dish and baked until warm.  It was served with garlic toasted sour dough bread slices.  Honestly, I should have made a meal out of just this appetizer, it was just that yummy.  The spread had awesome flavors that weren’t overdone (or the contrary, too bland) and of course I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that it was served with more sour dough bread!

For my entrée, I chose the Dungeness crab fish tacos served in homemade sour dough tortillas.  Dungeness crab is my favorite type of crab and there appeared to be an abundance of it in San Francisco.  Again, heaven.  The tacos held up to my expectations, but the sour dough tortillas were a little different; not bad different, just different.  They had good flavor, but were a little tougher than their regular flour counter part.

Overall review of Boudin’s: It is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some awesome, fresh San Francisco sour dough bread.  The restaurant was decent, but I had a sandwich from the café part later in my trip and was just as happy.  My biggest suggestion: try the bread and purchase a loaf or two to take home (I am proud to say, I definitely brought some back with me on the plane and its doing just fine).  Boudin also ships all across the country, so if your mouth is now salivating, hop on over to their website!

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