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Restaurant Review: Fresca, Fillmore Street, San Francisco

I recently traveled to San Francisco for work and spent six days essentially exploring my way through the city via food (hence my lack of posting for the last week).  I quickly learned why so many consider San Fran a great city for foodies!

Unfortunately, I wasted my first meal in the city on some mediocre Chinese food in China Town near my hotel.  It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t anything to write home about either.  So moving on to dinner…My co-worker and I spent the day exploring the city (all on foot, mind you) and had worked up quite an appetite by the time we happened upon our first culinary adventure, Fresca on Fillmore Street.  This Peruvian restaurant boasted a wonderful menu of Peruvian flavors and a selection of ceviche I just had to try.  I ended up selecting a ceviche trio that consisted of the following choices, served with a basket of fresh plantain chips:

ceviche mojito – pacific cod, mint, onion, rocoto, lime juice, sea salt, choclo, rum, purple corn.

black ceviche – calamari, shrimp, scallops, clam, cilantro, squid ink rocoto sauce, red onion, lime juice, sea salt.

ceviche de coco – white tuna, lime-coconut water, mango, aji limo, ginger, onion, red peppers, basil, plantain chips.

It was hard enough to narrow down my choices from the menu to these three, so please don’t ask to me to choose my favorite one.  Each one was so different from the next that its really hard to compare even though they are all varieties of ceviche.  The Mojito Ceviche was really interesting with the addition of rum, an addition to ceviche I’ve never experienced.  The Ceviche de Coco was extremely fresh tasting and similar to the ceviche recipe I posted a few weeks ago.  And last but not least, the Black Ceviche.  As unappetizing squid ink sounds, I assure you it was delicious, especially when combined with the lime juice.  It honestly has a pretty mild flavor to it, especially when paired with calarmari, shrimp, scallops, and clams.

My overall rating of Fresca?  Delicious and worth your time if you’re looking for large portions of deliciously prepared gourmet latin food.  Fresca actually has three locations in the city, the location on Fillmore that I ate at, Noe Valley, and West Portal.

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