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Restaurant Review: Lucky’s Cafe, Tremont (Cleveland, Ohio)

Something’s missing…a picture, I know.  Sidebar: I have a really retarded “smart” phone these days that decided to delete all my contacts one day.  I found a back door way to get them back by downloading them and importing them into my Google account and then syncing Google to my phone (all because my loving carrier told me when I complained that my phone was a piece of junk that I really should just buy a new one because mine it “old”).  Pshhhhhh.  So that little import and sync trick worked for a couple days until my phone told me my data was full…it wasn’t.  It got to the point that I couldn’t open text messages so I decided to factory reset my phone.  I took out my memory card with all of my pictures, reset my phone and tada – phone was “fixed!”  Problem solved…until a couple days later when my phone started throwing errors when I wanted to answer phone calls and then decided to reformat my memory card FOR ME.  How nice.  NOT.  It deleted every single picture…even the cheesy ones that are supposed to be preloaded on the dumb thing.  And with it went my pictures from Lucky’s Cafe.  Sorry about all of our luck – you can’t see my crumby cell phone picture of my lunch.  I’m going to buy a new phone now…

All that said, I’ve been having a daily debate in my head…iPhone or Droid?  I won’t tell you what I have now (although, I’m sure you can guess), but I can’t decide what’s best for me.  Yes, I’m a software analyst during the day, but I’m really the worst IT person EVER.  I break technology like its my business and really couldn’t care less about computers outside of work.  Bottom line, you won’t see me developing apps in my spare time unless hell freezes over despite Branden’s pleading (there’s good money in app development, in case you didn’t know, especially as a side gig).

Okay, so the real reason I’m here today is to tell you about this AWESOME cafe that Branden took me too last week during a break from doctor’s appointments most likely because I was starting to get kind of whiney.  It happens to me when a certain amount of blood is extracted – whining and moping…I get crabby, too.  Its not pretty.  But this cafe is!!!

Branden travels a LOT for work (being a pilot and all) and has come to love FlavorTown USA as a resource for finding excellent local restaurants.  In case you’re wondering, YES, this is a complete listing of all the restaurants Guy Fieri has visited on his show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”  And that’s precisely how Branden found Lucky’s.  I’m a “lucky” girl!

This place is awesome!  They pride themselves on local food – so local that they have their own, rather large, garden behind the patio of the cafe that they harvest from.  While we were there, I watched an employee go out and pick Swiss Chard for their daily special.  YUM!  Their whole concept is that if they can’t get it local, they try their best to get the food from at most, 100 miles away.  It works, trust me it works.  They grow their own produce, bake their own bread, make their own dressings, sauces, CORNED BEEF!  Branden had the Reuben with their homemade bread, thousand island, and corned beef – honestly, they make it.  Check out this video clip!!

Is you mouth watering yet?!?  If not, take a trip with me to my lunch – baked mac and cheese with brie, cheddar, mozzarella, and parm – all topped with brioche bread crumbs.  Our waiter asked me if I wanted to add bacon.  BACON?  I looked him straight in the eye and asked “is that really an option?!?!”  It was, and I grabbed it by the horns!  Oh my goodness, this mac and cheese was probably the best I ever had – the combination of cheeses was incredible and they melded with the cream in this thick, creamy, gooey bowl of awesome…not to mention the salty, crunchy, thick bacon pieces!  The cheese sauce was thick, but not like glue – it was perfect.  The penne was perfectly cooked to al dente, too – which I find lots of restaurants struggle to do – I do NOT like mushy pasta!  Only downside, they made it to order and it literally came out boiling…and I burnt my tongue multiple times because I was so excited to eat it and didn’t let it cool enough.  If that’s the worst thing about Lucky’s, then I will be a repeat customer for sure!  Oh, oh, and one more thing, the side that came with my mac and cheese was homemade apple sauce (incredible, by the way!).  The waiter suggested I eat the mac and cheese mixed with the apple sauce…I’m really, really weird about my foods touching.  This was tough, but he suggested it, so I tried it.  I dipped my fork in the applesauce and then in the pasta…OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.  So weird, BUT soooooo good!  Think about it, we eat apples with cheese all the time, why is this any different from and apple with cheese and crackers?  Its not.  Embrace it, please!

So, a teeny, tiny part of me is glad that I had to spend a day at the doctor’s office because that meant quality time with the hubby trying out a really great restaurant.  Its worth it if you find yourself in Cleveland to check out Lucky’s and really the rest of Tremont (its an up and coming hipster-ish area with cute cafes and shops nestled into a neighborhood).


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