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FAIL: Baked Avocado Fries

Ugh.  This is just sad, but I feel like I have to post things that don’t go as well because let’s face it, we all make things that just don’t go the way we hope they will so why not compare battle stories?  Here’s one of my recent fails…Baked Avocado Fries.

I’ve been hearing about avocado fries for the last few months and I’ve been intrigued.  Really intrigued.  Everyone’s been raving.  It sounds so amazing…avocados…fries.  YUM.

Well, I try not to fry my food because my body just doesn’t handle that very well, so I was pretty excited when I found a recipe for baked avocado fries that claimed to be as good as their fried counterpart.  Not so much (assuming these taste differently than the fried ones).  Let me defend this recipe a bit by saying the avocados I had were as hard as rocks (which is blowing my mind still).  I had these things in my fridge for weeks and figured they were probably on the back side of good.  WRONG.  They were not even close to ripe.  I had to work so hard to get the darn things out of their skin…and let’s not even talk about trying to remove the pits!  Annoying.  Their “raw” state is what probably led me to my qualm with this recipe…they had no flavor.  Bummmmmmer.

No flavor at all.  I tried fashioning a quick dip out of Greek yogurt and adobo sauce I had on hand that tasted awesome on its own, but still didn’t really help the fries.  I also think the panko I used was to coarse.  Who knows…

I still want to try to fried version of these guys though because I love avocados.  Since there’s so much hoopla around the fried version, I feel like I have to try it before I form an official opinion.

SO what about you?  Have you jumped on the avocado fry train?  Did you like them?  I’m still curious…

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