Restaurant Review: Bocodillo’s, Financial District, San Francisco

This restaurant/tapas bar was recommended to us by someone we met that lives in San Francisco.  Nestled on the border of North Beach and the Financial District is Bocodillo’s.  This swanky little bar offered a cozy atmosphere and great food.  The space was tiny, but the brick walls, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and soft lighting made this a great place to enjoy a quiet evening.

 We chose quite a random hodge-podge of tapas (Spanish for small plates) and none of them disappointed.  Please don’t judge me for the really random food choices I’m about to share- the majority of dishes in nice restaurants in San Francisco contain seafood and I was traveling with someone who doesn’t care for it, so the decisions were based on finding things she would enjoy as well since we were sharing the meal.

To start, we shared two different slider-like sandwiches.  The first was a lamb burger with aioli, shallots and tomato.  The second was catalan sausage, arugula, and manchego cheese.  Both delicious, little burgers were served up beautiful on toasted artisan buns alongside a pile of wild greens dressed in oil and vinegar.  I wish I had pictures to share, but the lighting was too poor to get decent shots.  Both were perfectly cooked and were extremely delicious!

Next I felt like we needed some veggies, so I chose the shaved asparagus, tuna ventresca, lemon-miso, and almond salad.  While my co-worked did try this, she was a bit skeptical about the tuna, so I ended up eating it mostly by myself…and boy was I excited that she didn’t like it!  I LOVED this dish, so much so that I can working on recreating it.  And not only did it taste delicious, it was beautiful to look at too– shaved asparagus is absolutely gorgeous.  I really loved the lemon-miso dressing that had a flavor somewhat reminiscent of a quality hollendaise sauce without the thickness.

The other “veggie” we chose was the fried baby artichokes and lemons with saffron-herb aioli.  I only say “veggie” because the artichokes kind of lost their nutritional value when they were deep-fried, but oh how yummy!  The artichokes were not breaded and somehow came out incredibly crunchy.  I loved the saffron-herb aioli as well that perfectly complemented the earthy flavor of the artichokes.  If only I was confident with deep-frying fancy vegetables would I give this a try…maybe when artichokes are in season!

Our main course was the Niman Ranch flat iron steak with chimichurri and black pepper.  I kid you not, this steak was so tender, I cut it with only my fork.  Seriously, I’m not kidding…I cut steak with just a fork.  Incredible.  This dish came out piping hot and perfectly cooked medium rare.  I really don’t think there’s much else to say other than this is probably some of the best beef I’ve ever had from a restaurant.

Since our meal was so yummy, we felt obliged to give dessert a try.  We shared caramel flan with maldron sea salt and the “arm of gypsy” with hazelnut mousse.  The flan was amazing and the addition of sea salt on top pretty much sealed the deal for me.  My co-worker who’s family is from Spain said this flan better than her grandmother’s- if that doesn’t convince you how good it was, I’m not sure what will!  The “arm of gypsy” was really good too- it was basically a thin sponge cake that was rolled up with hazelnut mousse.  Also amazing, but given the choice between the two, I’ll choose the flan every time!

I loved Bocodillo’s and definitely think it was one of the best meals I had while in San Francisco.   100% worth checking out for sure!

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