Product Review: All-Clad Slow Cooker

I got an awesome present for my birthday a few months ago and it has just totally rocked my world!  My parents bought me a slow cooker – I didn’t have one and didn’t really think that I needed one.  Wrong-o.  And they didn’t just buy me any slow cooker, they got me the Mac-Daddy All-Clad slow cooker!!  Oh the joy!

My Mom doesn’t buy things without doing the research so assured me that this was one of the best ones – better than the Lightening Deal one that I was considering buying on Black Friday from Amazon.  I would have to agree – I love this thing and am so glad I didn’t get the other cheap one I was looking at.

Waht I’m loving about having a slow cooker is the fact that I can have an awesome meal ready to eat when I get home from work as long as I through some stuff together the night before.  I mean, how easy is that?  And let’s be honest, some things just taste better when they’re slow cooked – like meat!  Check out these ribs and barbacoa pork from the slow cooker!

Outside of being excited about having a slow cooker, I really like this one in particular for a few reasons:

1.  Its huge.  This puppy holds 6.5 quarts.  Seriously, you can feed a small militia with this thing!

2.  Its easy to clean.  The insert comes right on out of there which makes clean up a cinch.  Technically you can put the insert in the dishwasher although I don’t do that because I’m weird about what I put in the dishwasher (its pretty limited to dishes, drinking glasses – NEVER wine glasses, and silverware).

3. Its programmable…about to 26 hours.  Okay, so 26 hours is probably overkill, but as someone who is gone for at least 10 hours every day the typical 8-hour timers usually found on slow cookers (if there’s even a timer) doesn’t really cut it for me.  I also like that as soon as the time is up, it flips over to the warm cycle and hangs out there until 26 hours are up or you turn it off.  Your choice.  You’ve also got three heat settings: Low, Medium, and High.  That’s really all you need – none of that fancy exact temperature setting that’s not really necessary on a slow cooker.

4.  This isn’t really that important, but its attractive.  I mean, I think I’ve actually used the term “beautiful” in a verbal conversation.  We’ll just stop there…

I’ve only found one kind of negative thing.  Sometimes you can find slow cookers with a cast iron insert that can go directly on the stovetop for searing off meet to lock in juices.  I mean, that would be nice, but hindsight is that I’m really only dirtying one pan to sear meat.  Not a huge deal.  If it is a huge deal to you, then you’re in luck because there is a much more expensive version of this slow cooker WITH the cast iron insert (not worth the ridiculous price premium if you ask me).  Tada!

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One thought on “Product Review: All-Clad Slow Cooker

  1. All Clad makes so many products, and they’re all great.

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