Sweet Potatoes with Sage & Pecans

Okay, so I’m a little late getting some of my sides from Thanksgiving up…I’ve been busy gallivanting all over the state of Ohio the last few weeks visiting friends and acting like I was in college again.  I stayed out late (and grumbled about how I’m too old for this), went a college bar (and complained that the music was too loud and the kids were too young while sipping on my single drink of the evening), ate bad food really late at night (think chili cheese fries and a Buffer Zone which in turn gave me heartburn), shopped ’til I dropped (my feet swelled too much to try on any more shoes), and slept on the floor (I think my back still hurts).  Lesson learned from all these shenanigans?  I’m not a college student anymore (nor have I been for several years) and my body doesn’t appreciate me acting like one.  So here I am, writing this post after dinner and wondering if its too soon to go to bed.  Oh how times have changed…

So back to my adult life.  I was in charge of sweet potatoes again this year, but Branden wasn’t crazy about me using the recipe from last year again and wanted me to try something different.  We weighed several options and decided on this one from A Cozy Kitchen.  Delish.  I didn’t change a thing and they were a huge hit.  I think we just found a new tradition, folks!  These were great because they weren’t too sweet and we loved the sage butter.  Yum.  Best of all?  NO MARSHMALLOWS!!!!


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2 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes with Sage & Pecans

  1. Sneaks up on you doesn’t it. Fuddy duddyness. Ha, I like the combo of sage and pecans. And no marshmallows!

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