Restaurant Review: The Weber Grill, Chicago

I’ve been neglecting my restaurant reviews from our recent trip to Chicago for some reason (I have one other one that I’d like to call out…its just waiting in my queue to be completed).  Anyways, here comes an interesting one for you…

Branden had seen The Weber Grill (no, not the physical grill, but the brand’s own restaurant) featured on the Food Network awhile back and was thrilled when we happened upon it while out for a walk.  I have to admit, I was kind of drawn by the smell of charcoal grills myself (as any carnivore would be).  It was decided, this was our dinner spot…Branden couldn’t look away from the giant weber grills so this was the only way to appease him.  Terrible, I know!

I always love a good burger, so I chose “The Farm” Kettleburger which was a half pound of ground beef and lamb, charcoal-seared and topped with applewood bacon, oven-roasted tomatoes and goat cheese.  Delicious!  The french fries were nothing to write home about, just your standard deep fried potatoes, but the burger was perfectly cooked and extra juicy.  Of course, I appreciate a quality bun as well.

My entire family’s experience here was good; everyone enjoyed their food.  Overall, while I really enjoyed my meal, when I find myself in Chicago again, I’ll be trying some different places although I might be singing a different tune if I had gone with a giant steak!  You can’t beat meat hot off a charcoal grill!  Looking for a quality, American restaurant?  This is the place for you!

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One thought on “Restaurant Review: The Weber Grill, Chicago

  1. That goat cheese on the burger does look fantastic!

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