I Love Summer: Caprese Salad

First, let me start with apologizing for neglecting the blog for the past week!  I was in San Francisco for work all week and didn’t get much of a chance to add any posts each evening (mostly because my nights were filled with food adventures).  I’ll be posting some restaurant reviews in the comings days surrounding my trip for those who are interested.

Until the San Fran posts, can I appease you with a super easy and fresh summer time dish?

One of my favorite fresh herbs is sweet basil, so naturally I’m a fan of Caprese Salad.  This evening, I used fresh, on the vine tomatoes, fresh julienned basil, homemade croutons, fresh mozzerella pearls, extra virgin olive oil, and aged balsamic vinegar.  I literally cut the tomatoes and basil and threw everything in a large bowl.  I know that croutons are a bit unconventional in Caprese Salad, but I have to say, they were pretty awesome, especially as they soaked up all the juices!

As a side to grilled chicken or as a meal itself, Caprese Salad is a classic summer dish in my opinion and I’m so glad its finally in season again!

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2 thoughts on “I Love Summer: Caprese Salad

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see the San Fran posts. Please say you ate at the Slanted Door. If not go back!:) Great salad, such a classic.

    • I didn’t get to eat at the full menu Slanted Door, but I did eat at Out the Door– the take out version of it also in the Ferry Building which was delicious!! The challenging part of my food adventures was the fact that my co-worker that I was traveling with doesn’t like seafood, so it was sometimes a challenge to find restaurants for her. I definitely want to go back to San Fran when I can eat anywhere!

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