Don’t Throw it Away: Bacon Grease

Branden and I usually make Saturday morning breakfast every week (okay, so its more like Saturday lunch, but its breakfast food nonetheless).  That being said, we love Bacon and its become a staple on Saturdays…yummy, crispy bacon. Our favorite method of cooking it, in case you’re interested, is in our cast iron skillet that has become Branden’s little pet project. I think we honestly started consuming so much bacon because cooking it was an easy way to season the skillet but now we are addicted to the wonderful, salty cut of pork.  Now I’m hungry…

So now we are cleaning up. The cast iron is good and greasy, but we have to dispose of all the leftover liquid fat. When we first got married, we had many battles over bacon fat protocol: I wanted to let it cool and solidify and then throw it away while Branden insisted on keeping it in a sawed off Diet Coke can in the fridge. His solution was not ideal in my mind because first of all, I was terrified that I was going to get tetnus from the jagged can that he created with kitchen shears and put next to all the condiments in the fridge (which I do NOT recommend).  Secondly, what on earth was I going to do with all that bacon grease?! I must have been complaining to my Mom about this when she mentioned a simple solution: use it to pop popcorn.

I know what you’re thinking: “Gross.” But just go with me for a second on this one…

We love popcorn in our house. Since I try to not have junk food around, popcorn has become a “healthy” evening snack although it was healthier before I discovered what Branden and I now call Bacon Fat Popcorn. At least I have good intentions.

So here’s how it goes.  Heat 3 TBS bacon grease in an 8 quart or larger sauce pot that has a lid over medium-high heat.  Once melted, add 1/2 cup popcorn (varietal of your choice) and cover. Shake the pan frequently and do NOT uncover. Corn will begin to pop; continue shaking the pan so the popped kernels do not burn. Do not remove from heat until popping has almost stopped. Now for personal preference of seasoning…may I suggest only salt? Don’t get me wrong, I love buttery popcorn just as much as the next person, but you won’t need butter if you used bacon fat. The bacon fat already packs enough flavor that if you only season with salt, you won’t be disappointed.

So now you’re probably thinking, “I don’t want my popcorn to taste like bacon!” Relax, it doesn’t at all. Instead, you have popcorn that almost has a smokey flavor to it that is hard to resist. Please try it just once if you don’t believe me, I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Throw it Away: Bacon Grease

  1. Matt

    +1 for successful use of bacon beyond breakfast.

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